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Links Collection

This is kind of a mess divided in three categories. All links open in a new tab.

Resources - full of resources related to web developing, including a layout builder. it was a big help to me when i had just started making this whole thing.

EGGRAMEN CSS templates - nice templates you can use for your site.

GifCities - huge archive of old gifs from geocities.

Music player - a javascript music player for your site, made by

Ayano's comment widget - a javascript comment section for your site.

The Ipsum Collection - collection of placeholder texts you can use.

ezgif - online gif maker and editor. there's also tools for images and videos.

File Garden - a free file hosting service. lets you upload any type of file.

The largest 88x31 collection - definitely the largest button collection i've seen.

W3Schools - obligatory w3schools link, couldn't leave this one out. it has an insane amount of tutorials for web developing and it's really helpful.

Cool Text - a very cool text graphics and logo generator.

RealWorld Graphics - download icons, cursors and more.

Photomosh - add cool effects to images and videos. the glitch one is awesome.

Super Color Palette - a color palette generator that lets you experiment with hue and saturation, explore color harmonies and preview gradients.

Cut out people - thousands of images of people that you can use as references, with various filters such as gender, age, clothing, light direction and view angle.

VG Resource - download sprites, sounds, models and textures from videogames.


Hamburger - the wikipedia article for burger, it's great.

Web Design Museum - a virtual museum where you can see how the design of websites changed through the years, really cool.

Settei Dreams - big archive of anime production materials, such as model sheets, storyboards and artbooks.

Virus Encyclopedia - a wiki about viruses.

The Cutting Room Floor - a wiki dedicated to researching unused and cut content from videogames. my fav pages are the undertale and deltarune ones.

My Abandonware - cool site where you can download old videogames.


KHI - huge archive of videogame soundtrack rips.

Tip of My Tongue - find a word that you can't remember.

BitView - faithful recreation of 2008 youtube.

Aternos - a great site to host minecraft servers for free.

BlueGuy - this guy makes pretty nice custom cursors for windows. my site uses the night diamond v3.0, opal white cursor.

cool gifs - cool gifs