Hey web surfer. I'm Lary, and this is my small place in the internet.

I thought having my own site would be pretty cool so I learned how to make it. In this place you're gonna find the things I do and the things I like, besides some other stuff I consider to be interesting. I'm still learning though so watch out for broken things, probably.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you enjoy your stay!

Warning: HTML incompetence ahead.
This site is an intensely prepared smoothie of html, css and iframes that I mixed with a drill inside a plant pot, with some javascript. It looks best on desktop using a chromium-based browser.

It's tamaNOTchi, click to feed. It's tamaNOTchi! Click to feed!

Site Updates

one last update before the next year begins. i made more changes to the layout though it's a bit messy right now mostly in mobile, i'll fix that next. i also added other people's sites to links, and replaced all catbox links with file garden ones.

made a few changes to the layout, the most important one being responsiveness, so it should be mobile friendly now. i also added a cool guestbook (made with the comment widget from virtualobserver.moe) and replaced some songs in the music player.

links section is up. i also modified the not found page and made some other minor changes.

layout change... again? listen. i thought the page had way too much clutter and i found out about the things you can do with iframes, they're so cool. anyways this one is final, promise.

rearranged everything in the home page again and it's finally finished! well almost, but at least there's no placeholder text anymore. tears in my eyes currently. there's still some stuff i will get to eventually

rearranged everything in the home page, now using grid layout

added a chatbox because why not, come say hi

wow so this site exists now

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